• I am calm,

  • I trust,

  • I am grateful,

  • I work honestly,

  • I am kind.

Step by step, I allow my light to unfold. I trust.

Hello, I am Innie, a passionate Yoga Teacher and Holistic Therapist (Reiki and Aura Reading) hailing all the way from Portugal to Bali.

I received my YTT in Ubud with the Yoga of Emotions School by Marta Metrass. The enchanted world of Yoga captivated my heart, and I found myself on the yoga mat.

I found freedom in me and allowed my creativity to go even further.  My practice is focused on empowering the students to recognize their incredible potential and that it is possible to live an easier life and be more aligned with their inner voice.

I am the creator of the brand Language of You, a combination of Holistic Therapies and Yoga.

With this method, I help my students to find their language between mind and body. To live outside their mind, to feel with the heart instead of the mind.

The first thing we do to start is an Aura Reading to see and understand the blocks and patterns you have in your life and to guide your way to your purpose. Next, we do a series of Reiki Seasons to unfold your emotions and energy and make you more aware of how you are and what you like.

And the combination with yoga is to help you be more comfortable in your body, in the new you you are creating. To gain more trust and self-awareness. To understand that everything you look for outside is inside of you.

My biggest dream was to teach Yoga in Bali, and I am living my dream. It’s possible to find your passions and a purpose in life, to have a dream, and to live it.

Come find out together with me: What are your passions? What is your biggest dream?

The Brand Language of You


Reiki Therapy will help you feel more balanced and in touch with your emotions: feel, connect, and reach them. It will balance the energy of your Seven Chakras, unfolding your energy and cleaning blocks.

I also teach Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3.

You will learn to feel with the heart, not with the mind.

Find who you are and what moves you.

Aura Reading

Do you feel lost, and you are searching for your purpose? Aura reading will show you where you are now and where you could be. It is a tool to give you the push you might need to understand yourself even more or to see yourself through other lenses. The most obvious things are never seen.

The Aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body. This field surrounding us gives information about our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, showing our stage in our life. It includes the reading of past lives as a way to liberate fears, phobias, and depression.

Find out more about yourself.

Gain more clarity for your personal and professional life.


Yoga teaches you to be in your body instead of your mind.

A class to learn how to connect the body and the mind, creating a new internal dialogue that would help you have more self-esteem and trust in yourself. To stop you from getting lost in your inner emotional and mental loop.

You will learn to listen to your body, not your mind.

Be more comfortable in your skin, with the new person you are becoming.

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